Top Places to Invest Your Extra Money

If you have an investment, your first priority would be to look for investment plans that offer high returns. In order to limit your search, we have listed a few investment options that are viable as well as profitable.

Investing in Stock or Direct Equity

This is an investment which allows the investor to buy the stocks. This may be a volatile investment but with careful market monitoring, you can make a good decision. You need to chose the right stock and timing to purchase and sell the stocks.

You can invest in this option with minimum capital. Initially, it would be appropriate to start investing a small amount. Afterward, if you get experience and some good returns, try to invest more.

Equity Mutual Funds

This is a type of investment where you can invest in equity stocks. You can manage this investment either actively or passively. When managing your trade fund actively, you can get large returns.

On the contrary, the exchange-traded fund allows you to manage your funds passively. These schemes work on a categorization based on the market capitalization. You can also invest in domestic or overseas companies.

Public Provident Fund (PPF)

The Public Provident Fund is available in different countries with a slightly different name. This type of investment usually attracts a large number of investors. You can get a good amount of tax-free interest, especially at the later stage. The amount invested is always safe, as these investments offer sovereign guarantees.

You can deposit your amount for a specific period and get an annual return in terms of the interest. If you don’t utilize the interest, the amount that you get in the end would be nearly double the funds that you have invested.

Fixed Deposit (FD)

This is one of the most common investments planned offered by almost every commercial bank. In this type of investment, you deposit an amount in the bank for a specific period. You are not allowed to withdraw the amount until your investment matures. You can choose monthly, quarterly or annual interest option depending on your requirements.

Since this type of investment plan is out there for more than 50 years or so, people feel a sense of security when depositing their amount. In fact, this investment is a safe and legitimate method to increase your income without utilizing the capital amount.

Real Estate Investment

This is the investment that most of us have tried over a period of time. There is nothing special that you need to do. If you have capital, you can buy a house or shop and wait for its price to increase.

In fact, there is no big investment risk if you are investing in real estate. You can use the property even as your own residence if it’s a house. Hence, you can save the amount in terms of rent and get a huge profit if the house sells for a good price.

However, when choosing the property, you must keep in mind its location, structure, and overall maintenance cost. You can earn profits through real estate investment either in term of rentals as well as capital appreciation.